Compressport Compression Calf Sleeve R2 V2

Compressport Compression Calf Sleeve R2 V2


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Never has a calf sleeve made so much of an effect! Fitted with an ergonomic tab called K-protect, this compression apparel reduces vibrations to your knees by 8%! Worn during and after effort, it limits pains and aches, thus delays fatigue and accelerates recovery. Total performance is guaranteed over ultra-long distance races.

The Tops of the R2V2 – the compression apparel for your calves

  • The K-Protect tab fitted in, does not hinder movement and causes no discomfort.
  • During deep descents at intense speeds, this calf sleeve, allows you to push the limits.
  • Impacts with the ground are damped as this calf sleeve absorbs shocks; muscles do not vibrate performance is better.
  • It protects weakened or injured knees and help overcome over-fatigue.
  • As an anti-fatigue aid, this calf sleeve helps you resist to effort.
  • Lactic acids and toxins are not allowed to build up thanks to the compressive effect.
  • After effort, wearing your R2V2 helps you recover faster and better. Leg swelling is prevented.
  • Made in a fibre that has a massaging effect, it helps your feet stay light.
  • Its hydrophobic fibre does not retain water.



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