Compressport Hurricane Vest V2

Compressport Hurricane Vest V2


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The HURRICANE VEST V2`s sliced design brings dynamism and energy while giving a slim-chic elegant look. The quality of the materials it is made in, makes it  essential on your trail tracks.


  • An innovative windproof fibre protects against harsh wind.
  • Body-fit, it does not let allow unpleasant draughts of air.
  • An ultra-breathable fibre, high in the back helps evacuate sweat.
  • An ergonomic V-collar enables free head movement and acts as a prefect wind and cold breaker.


  • A 3D Backpack Extensor wraps any backpack and whatever its volume.
  • Thanks to the highly extensive fibre, it will not hinder your movements while you run, jump and climb.
  • It folds easily in a pocket or belt.


  • Maximum security guaranteed during low light or night trainings, thanks to the reflective logos.
  • The Hurricane Vest is not “noisy” and its peach-skin feeling makes it pleasant to wear.
  • An ergonomic diagonal zip facilitates fast opening and closing of the vest.
  • Its ergonomic shape, longer in the back, keeps the back well-covered.


ERGO-SHAPE: Its ergonomic shape, longer in the back than in the front along with its silicon inner lining, keeps the back well covered.

ULTRALIGHT: Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.

STORM PROOF: COLD STOPPER/STORM PROOF concept developed to face the most extreme conditions.

3D BACKPACK EXTENSOR: This 3D extensor structure provides an extension rate up to 200%, thus enveloping your backpack whatever its

volume. It allows complete freedom of movement during your runs, jumps and pushes on the ski poles.

ERGONOMIC COLLAR: The particular design of the collar enables free head movement while still blocking wind and cold.

BODY FIT: BodyFit design, an adjusted and very confortable cut that makes it possible to avoid all unpleasant draughts of air.

ERGONOMIC ZIP: Diagonal zipper to facilitate fast opening & closing of your jacket while racing. It also add comfort in movement.

REFLECTIVE LOGO: The reflective logos enable you to train at night and in low light areas making you visible to dangers of other runners & traffic.

BREATHABLE MICROFIBER: The microfiber helps evacuating the heat and improves ventilation.

ULTRA PACKABLE: Practical, it can be folded easily to be storaged in a backpack, a belt or a small pocket.

EXTENSIBLE FABRIC: Excellent extensibility, freedom of movement thanks to this innovative fiber.

INVISIBLE BACK POCKETS: Two invisible pockets in the back of the jacket are extremely easy to access.


  • Machine Wash at 30°C
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Do Not Tumble Dry

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