Compressport Hurricane Waterproof 10/10 Jacket

Compressport Hurricane Waterproof 10/10 Jacket


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Fully waterproof, the Hurricane Waterproof Jacket 10/10 weighs only 105 grams in 10,000m Schmerber fibres! Water-resistant and waterproof, it does not retain perspiration and moisture. Completely breathable, so light indeed and nonetheless, highly protective! Its natural fit prevents water infiltration and does not hinder movements. This jacket fits all sports and all weather conditions.


  • At only 105 grams, this waterproof jacket folds easily in a belt or a backpack.
  • 10 000/10 000: 10,000 SCHMERBER / 10,000 MVTR
  • Wholly waterproof, the jacket offers optimum protection against rain.
  • You will be kept dry in this perfectly breathable jacket, whatever be the conditions outside.
  • Tights seams do not allow water to get in.


  • Maximum of ease guaranteed, thanks to the 4-way stretch fibre.
  • Fully stretchable, the jacket adjusts naturally to any body shape.


ERGO SHAPE: Its ergonomic shape, longer in the back than in the front along with its silicon inner lining, keeps the back well-covered.

ULTRA-COMFORT: Woven fibres renowned for their softness and comfort.

ZIP PROTECTION: The front zip offers extra freedom of movement and breathability in high intendity effort. Its auto-blocking system prevent chafing and holds the zip in place.

ULTRALIGHT: Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.

BODY FIT: BodyFit design, an adjusted and very confortable cut that makes it possible to avoid all unpleasant draughts of air.

ERGOMONIC HOODIE: Will not float in the wind. Enables your head to turn easily.

ERGONOMIC ZIP: Diagonal zipper to facilitate fast opening & closing of your jacket while racing. It also add comfort in movement.

MANDATORY-MATERIAL: At the front – On the closure system, the whistle is within easy reach. At the back – 2 big pockets that allows an optimal organization of the mandatory equipment. In the first one: the priority equipment which are easy to reach (lamps, telephone, tumbler…) while in the second one, the equipment that is not much used (clothes, survival blanket, elastic band, knife/scissors).

ULTRA PACKABLE: Practical, it can be folded easily to be storaged in a backpack, a belt or a small pocket.

EXTENSIBLE FABRIC: Excellent extensibility, freedom of movement thanks to this innovative fiber.

10000 SCHMERBER WATERPROOF: 10000 Schmerber: totally waterproof, it offers a great protection against the rain. You stay perfectly dry under all conditions.

4-WAY STRETCH: The fiber is totally extensible crosswise as well as lengthwise to allow a total freedom of movement.

10000 MVTR BREATHABILITY: 10000 MVTR: it offers a great breathability. The perspiration is effectively evacuated so you stay perfectly dry under all conditions.


Machine Wash at 30°C
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Iron
Do Not Dry Clean
Do Not Tumble Dry

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