Compressport Running Under Control Full Tights

Compressport Running Under Control Full Tights


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The RUNNING UNDER CONTROL FULL TIGHTS compresses to the millimetre on targeted muscles and in so doing, reinforces muscles and enhances performance.


  • Targeted compression on strategic muscles activates blood circulation.
  • Better blood flow improves muscular oxygenation for better and longer performance.
  • Compression reduces muscle vibrations and the risks of injury by up to 30%.
  • Less muscular damage speeds up recovery.


  • Ultra-ventilated bands integrated at the back of the knee bring further comfort and aeration.
  • Ultra-thin fibres provide ergonomy and flexibility so the short stays in place always.
  • Those same fibres control body temperature, protecting against cold and heat.
  • With seamless compression and flat seams at the waist, no discomfort is allowed.


  • It is a perfect muscular support, ideal during harsh and very long runs.
  • A V-belt supports the abdomen and in so doing, absorbs shocks.
  • Low back fatigue is limited as this part of the body is guarded against shocks.


HYDROPHOBIC: The water-repellent fibre wicks moisture away and evacuates sweat without absorbing it, even when excessive. No more uncomfortable heavy, damp clothing that irritates and doesn’t dry.

MASSAGING FIBER: Every movement triggers a micromassage providing well being and lightness Patented fibre.

SEAMLESS: For optimum comfort, the microfibre is 100% seamless, lightweight and very soft.

SHOCK ABSORBER: The 360° compression dampens the “shock wave” effect on muscles, veins and joints.

ULTRALIGHT: Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.

V-SHAPE BELT: Maximum comfort of the abdominal muscles while providing great support by absorbing shocks in the lower back fatigue areas. The V Shape of the belt will prevent any pressure on the stomach for optimal comfort.

FLAT OVERLOCK: This unique and exclusive sewing technique guarantees maximum comfort and solidity in the seams of the short. It will prevent any chafing even during long distance races.

ERGO-FIT: Perfect fit, maximising efficiency and comfort (no chafing).

COMPRESSION OXYGEN: A milimetre-precision compression graduation in the targeted areas brings oxygen to the muscles and therefore enhances performances and facilitates recovery. The muscles are supported for a feeling of strengh and a better performance on a longer distance. Ultra-extensible, the fiber is also more breathable for a maximum comfort.

INTEGRATED VENTILATION ZONES: Innovative technology, the ventilation stripes directly integrated into the compression provide optimal ventilation, evacuating heat and perspiration.


  • Machine Wash at 30°C
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Do Not Tumble Dry

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