Oxsitis Flask Souple 500ml

Oxsitis Flask Souple 500ml

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990฿ 890฿

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Discover the latest innovation Oxsitis ® for hydration system: the flexible bottle Oxsitis ®  Soft Flask. 500mL wide mouth   It is simply ideal for transporting your water, your drinks, your energy gel during your trips or trail running. Practical and comfortable, its ergonomics fits perfectly in your hand. Its rectangular shape is designed to fit easily into any backpack pockets.

His pacifier to drink, Blaster ™ Valve is very comfortable, offering a large flow and anti-leak guarantee.

Its grand opening will allow you to fill out and clean your water pouch very easily. His material Polyurethane you will return completely to maintain and offer a maximum of hygiene.

Compatible all brands Salomon, Raidlight, Camelbak, Ultra turn, Ultimate, Hoka, Nathan etc.

This flexible bottle contains no PVC, or bisphenol A or phthalates.

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