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SpeedLaces iBungee


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Shoes Go On & Off Effortlessly

Stretchable iBungee laces allow you to convert any shoe into a slip on. And iBungee is great for sensitive feet or recovering from injury.

Perfect Comfort, Fit & Support

iBungee provides a supremely comfortable, plush feel for the foot. Our bungee is the best available. Multiple strands of natural rubber protected inside a durable polyester jacket, woven by the finest mills in New England. The comfort and flexibility of bungee is addictive. Once you get accustomed to it, you will never want to go back to static, non-stretch laces.

 Instant Tension Adjustments

Ordinary laces are static – there’s no give or stretch, and you are forever tying, retying, or untying knots and double knots.

Our answer to the discomfort and inconvenience of ordinary laces is iBungee. Bungee stretches with the natural motion of your foot. And our secure cord-locks make sure you will never be bothered with tying or untying again.


Casual Runners | iBungee Stretch Laces from Accu Net on Vimeo.



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