VIRUS W LUNAR Active Tech Pant ECO19

VIRUS W LUNAR Active Tech Pant ECO19


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The Women’s LUNAR Running Pant has been engineered for the high-endurance athlete. These pants are designed to withstand high-impact athletic training while regulating the body’s surface temperature. The Women’s LUNAR Running Pant was developed through a technically advanced compression pattern that focuses on the compression of the calf, legs, lower back and core. The pant offers knee protection, stability, and reflective properties for running in the night. The heavy-duty construction and biomechanic technology is designed to enhance athletic performance, endurance, and speed the recovery of damaged tissues and tendons. The sleek two inch waist band with internal drawstring, adds additional comfort, versatility, and support.

The NEW design, features a side pocket to stash daily items like keys and smart devices. The Women’s LUNAR Running Tech Pant is enhanced with COOL JADE fabric. The COOL JADE fabric has been engineered to help regulate body temperatures, wick away unwanted moisture and provide a comfortable fit. The COOL JADE material has been infused through nanotechnology with recycled Jade, to create a natural cooling effect on the body. The ultra-wicking fabric construction, combined with our COOL JADE infused yarn, can decrease the skin’s surface temp up to 10℉ .


  • Engineered for the high endurance athlete
  • Jade infused STAY COOL fabric
  • Wicks away unwanted moisture
  • Regulation of Body Temperature
  • Reduces inflammation and decreases pain
  • Improves circulation through an advanced technology compression pattern
  • Targeted compression

Technology Code

  • SKIN TEMP Drop skin surface temperatures up to 10˚
  • UV SHIELD White colors UPF 30 Black colors UPF 50
  • QUICK DRY Wicks away moisture and dries quick
  • COOLJADE™ Natural cooling fabric technology
  • ANTI ODOR Woven compounds deter microbe growth

Garment Care

  • Liquid soap only
  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Do not machine dry HANG DRY ONLY



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